Stab magazine: Noa Deane's EAST Shaper Profile

STAB: Noa Deane's EAST Shaper Profile
April 21, 2020
There’s something about the gorgeous intersection of shaping’s heritage craft and the design influences of modernity, especially when those two lines are being drawn on a foam blank and a wave’s face by the product of a specific location. Daniel Jones grew up at Rocky Point. Surfing and board building run through his DNA. A lightfooted and stylish goofyfoot, Daniel has spent the last years building a dedicated following without any crass self-promotion of almost any kind. With our Acid Test location locked in for Oahu’s North Shore in October, there was know way the experimental quiver would have been incomplete without one of Daniel’s handshapes being pushed by Noa out front of their house at Rockies. Knowing Daniel’s a ravenous consumer of modern progressive surfing, when we tapped him to build a board for Noa we basically told him to build what he’d ride at fun Rockies most days. The result is a spicy swallow-tailed aimed at uncompromising hi-fi shredding with the free and easy sensation so beloved in twins. The crew ran into Daniel on the way for the board’s Rockies christening. Confirming Noa’s suspicions about the Twin, Daniel was just finishing up a session on basically the exact same board. Noa connected with the board almost instantly, and returned from the session more than pleased with the hyper-local experience.
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